Some great discussions last night, but you'll have to wait to find out who's been selected for YTFN @ LSE! Need a few more days to decide...
Plans coming along swiftly for YTFN @ LSE! So many fantastic ideas - can't wait for what's sure to be an amazing event!
Looking forward to tonight's selection panel meeting Some great charities to choose from! @LSEVolunteering @lsesurag Can't wait for 3 March!
@dev_in_action thanks for the application! We'll get back to you asap - good luck!
@greengraeme thanks for the follow! Our next event is 3 March - join us for drinks, discussions & 3 awesome charities
Thanks for all your fantastic applications! We'll get back to you by 30/01 - time to start perfecting your pitches!
Last chance to get your applications in to the lovely lot here at YTFN! Time for one final spell check - time's up!
RT @HackneyLive: Save the date: On Friday 20 Feb we hook up with @bigmusicUK. 5 of #Hackney's top young performers strut their stuff. #BigM
@frankwater heard you guys r doing some great things! Thought about applying 4 our next event? Deadline is 2moro!
@United_prtns Great! Looking forward to reading it!
RT @United_prtns: .@ytfn Just submitted! Look forward to hearing from you and to March 3rd! #fun #fundraising
Tomorrow's the deadline for applications to YTFN @ LSE - so dot your "i"s & cross your "t"s, it's time to hit send!
Thanks for helping us spread the word @impact_intl #TuesdayTip
£1000 sound too good to be true? All you have to do is convince a load of lovely students that your charity's fab!
You're nearly out of time to put forward a project for the next YTFN! Don't miss out - @LSEVolunteering
RT @CarolineLucyMur: Calling all #NCS #graduates and #partners - we need you! #Opportunities available to work with @UnLtd -…

YTFN hold events that bring young people together to have fun and help make the world a better place. We are an offshoot of The Funding Network for young people and the young at heart!

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So what is YTFN anyway?

We hold events where you can join together with other young people to have fun and help make the world a better place. We are a young people’s offshoot of The Funding Network.

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Come to an event

You’ll likely find a cheap bar, live music, crafts,  tasty treats and other surprises. Then comes the really amazing part: we invite three inspirational charities to pitch a specific project that’s in need of some cash.

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Pledge your support

After hearing from the 3projects there is a live pledging session where we all choose which project to give our £10 ticket to, donate more money if we want & even volunteer our time.

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