RT @OurELBA: Congratulations to @fightforpeace who completed their Future Directions programme @morganstanley #CSR #volunteering http://t.c…
Thanks for shout out @sebbaird! Wanna come get involved to help run the next one?! DM us if you're interested
RT @sebbaird: #ff @ytfn for social change through awesome fundraising events with a twist!
RT @HalfPintGent: Cracking pint!! - Drinking a Nektar by @TheCronxBrewery - http://t.co/yk2Sb7G2IC
#YAY YTFN funded (back in 2012) @StreetDoctors got some great new offices in @HackneyPirates building - keep up the brill work!
Great to be at YTFN funded (way back in 2010!) @HackneyPirates launch. Fantastic work & hope you're all giving yourself much #lovetoday !
Plans for Sat: check out new @HackneyPirates shop front, find out bout mazin @GeorgeThePoet, chill out #piratestyle ! http://t.co/rhKDCBwp7M
So excited that YTFN funded (way back in 2008!) @FightforPeace is getting a £500k grant from the UK gov! http://t.co/3UycrL2RI4 #awesome
RT @FundingNetwork: Any great charities out there w/celeb supporters? Get in touch for possible funding opportunities! http://t.co/Kvf5fVoB…
RT @TeachFirst : Tough, young teachers campaig for social change! @HackneyPirates http://t.co/sXJ11mSvEY
RT @hunterjohnson91: Good 2 see the @fundingnetwork back in 2014! Real life crowd-funding the future of #philanthropy? http://t.co/RBa8RKDo…
RT @FundingNetwork: @TFNAus is stirring up philanthropy in Australia with a social swizzle stick - Read about its launch here: http://t.co/…
RT @Spennis: @FlamingoChicks @flamingokatie thank YOU girls, you just made my day :) and thank you @ytfn for making it possible http://t.c…
RT @FlamingoChicks: @ytfn ...and there is a little something in the post to you from our ballerinas too!
RT @FlamingoChicks: @ytfn We're SO grateful for your amazing support - thought you might like to see pics from our class today: https://t.c…
and thanks @LSEVolunteering & @lsesurag for helping us to put together one fantastic night!! #bigchange

Next event

Greetings all! Did you miss us? Unbelievably, it’s already been ages since our last YTFN bash. But never fear – for as we speak, we’re gathering together an awesome group of individuals to run our fabulous next event.

Should you choose to accept – you too can be a part of this terrific task force and bring fun and exciting events to those around you!

Why? Because you get your kicks from good karma. Because we have a damn good time doing it and because – well – Y The F*** Not?!

That’s right – this party’s about to get ethical – so get in touch!

And along with our grand plans we’ve also relaunched our Facebook Page so come on down, check it out & ‘like’ it if you feel so inclined! Also check out our new video to see what you’re in for if you come along…


ps Like the new guy at work, you’re unique and exciting and we want to know more about you so why not click here and  join our mailing list?

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