Oh no! forgot to get the details of the fab @CleveFoundation team at the #youthphilanthropy session today! Can anyone help? @COF_ #CF100
Thanks for the amaze opportunity to learn from all the fantastic #communityfoundations @COF_ conference this week ! @MottFoundation #CF100
@WendyGFCF thanks and lovely seeing you again! Let us know if you're ever in #London ! @COF_ @MottFoundation #CF100
RT @WendyGFCF: "I have loads of ideas but my boss won't let me try them!" Quote from a session on youth philanthropy, of course. @ytfn #CF1
RT @WendyGFCF: Youth are bold enough to fund things that established donors wouldn't. @ytfn #CF100 #riskybusiness
Get your youth on people!! 26c @COF_ #cf100 http://t.co/0ETvzipBIA
RT @WendyGFCF: Youth community philanthropy reunion recommencing in room 26 #cf100 @KatharineJanes @HYMire @DariaTeutonico @mgoorhouse
RT @hilaryacf: #CF100 @FundingNetwork @COF_ Go Gen Y - knock 'em dead this afternoon - our future of philanthropy.
Give it us for Bill White of the @MottFoundation - encouraging #youthphilanthropy ! Come to our sesh 2moro #billroxs - we'd love to see ya!
RT @COF_: 'The real exciting work of philanthropy today is in local communities.' Bill White of @MottFoundation http://t.co/mcUeCZnqiM #CF1
RT @hilaryacf: Holy moly how incredible is the Cleveland Museum of Art. #cf100 @COF_ @CleveFoundation @MOMENTUMCheryl http://t.co/6caGC3L1vr
After hours in the #Cleveland museum of art! Let the fun begin! @COF_ #CF100 http://t.co/6SoTmQV7pf
RT @COF_: We just passed 35k followers! Shout out to everyone here at the Fall Conf who made it happen. Think we can make #CF100 trend now?
Packed to the rafters @COF_ ! Hard act 2 follow - hope our session on #NextGen giving 2moro will be as fab! #CF100 http://t.co/BdsWZXrLY4
RT @TimVolk: "I'm not a digital native. But I'm working hard to be a digital immigrant." Funny! @ibarguen #cf100

Next event

Hey fellas! Unbelievably, it’s already been an age since our last bash. But never fear – for as you sit there reading things online – we’re amassing…well a mass of ideas…

But if you’re interested in joining us kick a few ideas around, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you, ‘cause like Messi on a football pitch, we’re all about going the extra mile.

And along with our grand plans we’ve also relaunched our Facebook Page so come on down, check it out & ‘like’ it if you feel so inclined! Also check out our new video to see what you’re in for if you come along…


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