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@SanjayRedScarf @londonycp @millzyk you should come too! No riverdance but still - should be fun..
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Next event

Hey fellas! Unbelievably, it’s already been an age since our last bash. But never fear – for as you sit there reading things online – we’re amassing…well a mass of ideas…

But if you’re interested in joining us kick a few ideas around, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you, ‘cause like Messi on a football pitch, we’re all about going the extra mile.

And along with our grand plans we’ve also relaunched our Facebook Page so come on down, check it out & ‘like’ it if you feel so inclined! Also check out our new video to see what you’re in for if you come along…


ps Like the new guy at work, you’re unique and exciting and we want to know more about you so why not click here and  join our mailing list?

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