Some great discussions last night, but you'll have to wait to find out who's been selected for YTFN @ LSE! Need a few more days to decide...
Plans coming along swiftly for YTFN @ LSE! So many fantastic ideas - can't wait for what's sure to be an amazing event!
Looking forward to tonight's selection panel meeting Some great charities to choose from! @LSEVolunteering @lsesurag Can't wait for 3 March!
@dev_in_action thanks for the application! We'll get back to you asap - good luck!
@greengraeme thanks for the follow! Our next event is 3 March - join us for drinks, discussions & 3 awesome charities
Thanks for all your fantastic applications! We'll get back to you by 30/01 - time to start perfecting your pitches!
Last chance to get your applications in to the lovely lot here at YTFN! Time for one final spell check - time's up!
RT @HackneyLive: Save the date: On Friday 20 Feb we hook up with @bigmusicUK. 5 of #Hackney's top young performers strut their stuff. #BigM
@frankwater heard you guys r doing some great things! Thought about applying 4 our next event? Deadline is 2moro!
@United_prtns Great! Looking forward to reading it!
RT @United_prtns: .@ytfn Just submitted! Look forward to hearing from you and to March 3rd! #fun #fundraising
Tomorrow's the deadline for applications to YTFN @ LSE - so dot your "i"s & cross your "t"s, it's time to hit send!
Thanks for helping us spread the word @impact_intl #TuesdayTip
£1000 sound too good to be true? All you have to do is convince a load of lovely students that your charity's fab!
You're nearly out of time to put forward a project for the next YTFN! Don't miss out - @LSEVolunteering
RT @CarolineLucyMur: Calling all #NCS #graduates and #partners - we need you! #Opportunities available to work with @UnLtd -…

Next event

YTFN @ LSE banner

It’s already been ages since our last bash, which can mean only one thing – it’s time for another one! So dot your diaries: 3rd March, 7pm @ LSE!

So you scrumptious lot, we cannot wait to see your smiling faces and spring into another year of bright ideas and BIG change. And if you’re interested in joining our team to help kick start some great ideas - get in touch - we’d love to hear from you!

Along with our grand plans we’ve also relaunched our Facebook Page so come on down, check it out & ‘like’ it if you feel so inclined! Also check out our new video to see what you’re in for if you come along…

ps Like the new guy at work, you’re unique and exciting and we want to know more about you so why not click here and  join our mailing list?

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